Virginity and Virginity Questions that Follows

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Virginity and Virginity Questions that Follows

Virginity as a word, is known by many teenager girls but many do not know what it really means. Most girls must have received sex education in one way or the other. Many sex educator do not emphasize on ‘virginity’ and those that does may not really care if the students understand. Virginity and virginity questions is a broad topic that may not be covered fully in a post. (Expect more on ‘virginity’). However, I will make sure I make some really simple points in this post. Let’s get started!


To really make some good points in this post, there are many questions to ask and answers to be given but these answers are strictly subjective and can not be termed ‘standard’ for every school of thought. As a person, you may have asked yourself many questions pertaining to this subject. Questions out of which you may have asked; what is virginity? or Who is a virgin? To answer these virginity questions, I want you to know that many writers have different answers according to their school of thought.

virginity questions


Virginity is a state of being a virgin. Like I said earlier, answering one virginity question on the subject virginity will only lead to other virginity questions and it could go on and on like that. I have said “virginity is a state being a virgin”. One may now ask, out of curiosity, then who’s a virgin?

Virginity and Virginity Questions that Follows


A virgin can be said to be any person that has never had sexual intercourse before. When you carefully look into this definition of a virgin and digest it, you’ll realize it’s even complex. It’s complex because you want to ask what particular type of sexual intercourse? As we know we have oral sex and anal sex that doesn’t involve penile penetration into a female vagina. Questions may be asked that can a girl that has never had penile penetration into her vagina but has had oral sex be a virgin?  Well! If you continue reading this, you may be able to answer that yourself.



Here’s a tricky question that would fail thousands of people or better I say here is a scam question that all answers can be wrong. What makes a girl a virgin? Some will say a girl that has never had sexual intercourse, others will say a girl that still have her hymen intact. Both can be right or wrong depending on who’s asking the question. A girl may have never had sexual intercourse and yet have ruptured hymen. A girl may have had sex and still have her hymen intact (yes it’s possible).

virginity questions


Hymen is a membrane that covers partly or fully a female vagina from birth. The structure and size of this membrane differs in various girls, some have it tiny that it’s just like a strand and others have it wide enough to cover the face of their vagina leaving only tiny hole for excretory purpose…


I have to drop my pen here now as I have other assignments to do at the moment. I will post more on ‘Virginity’ in coming days. Watch out!


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