Valentine’s Day In Nigeria: How To Make The Best Out Of It (Romantic)

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Valentine’s Day in Nigeria: How to Make the Best Out of It

Celebrating Valentine’s Day in Nigeria with your loved ones can be very restrictive because of the fact that the country is not technologically ready for such and that had become an obstruction to the perfect romance lifestyle people crave. Take, for example, countries abroad (especially America), one can pay for a music group to serenade one’s lover under her window or even send a large number of flowers to her, no matter where she is.

Valentine's day in Nigeria

Regardless of these obstructions, we can still make the best of this valentine. The fact remains that most people would not be able to do something for their spouses and people they love. Still, there are some things Nigerians can do to make sure that they get the best from this Valentine that would soon be over as soon as it starts. The most interesting part of the whole trouble is that the day marks a special one for you and your spouse. And it would be one that would trigger you towards the direction your relationship might be for the rest of the day. That is the reasons you need to know how to make the best of this day.

With any of the following, you can really enjoy your Valentine’s day in Nigeria;

Valentine's day in Nigeria

  1. Express Love Through Visitations to Some Tourist Centres: The value of this tourist centers is that they build affections, and also increase the memorable things you two might have done together. When you are going to these tourist centers, it is very advisable you go with a lot of things, but the most crucial ones are your food, money, camera or money to pay cameramen, who would be stationed at the tourist centers. You would need the camera to capture these memorable things you are embarking on. There are various tourist centers in Nigeria, but these are the most popular ones:
  • Ikogosi Warm Spring, which is located at Ikogosi-Ekiti.
  • Kajuru Cattle, which is located at Kaduna.
  • Whispering Palms, which is located at Badagry, Lagos.
  • Obudu Ranch, which is located in Calabar, Cross-river.
  • Epe Resort and Spa, which is located at Epe, Lagos.

It’s exactly 1year 2days since I published this blog post, a few tourist centers in Nigeria has been mentioned above and I honestly don’t know how I missed out on Elegushi beach. Well, I was there on the 1st of January this year with some friends and the experience was worth it. So I’m suggesting you could visit with your beloved ones this valentine.

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  1. Lighten The House with A Romantic Dinner: Can you cook? Or do you have enough money to order for food or something light? Your spouse is not one that is in need of something elaborate on a day like this. He or she just need an upgraded version of your proof of love. All you need to do is to make sure that he or she knows that their love in your heart is something that can never wane.

Valentine's day in Nigeria

To get this dream romantic dinner, you would need to ensure that you lighten the house with candles meant for this type of occasion. There are some shops that are involved in the sales of things like this. It is therefore wise for you to find them out. Make the place sprinkled with a lot of beautiful things for example petals. And the best thing about this dinner is that the whole preparation boils down to how much the woman loves it. If you are a woman, design the venue in the beautiful ways women are known for, the man would feel like loving you over and over again.

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And if you are the man given in to the creation of this dinner, then you need not go far in the making of a romantic dinner. Go all the way out to search for YouTube videos and recreate what you see in most of these videos. No matter how many times a woman had seen that scene in the movies, she would still be drawn to such beauty.

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  1. Surprise Goods Payment: Give her another treat that really touches the heart. The next thing you can do is to lavish her with love with material things. Some men are not familiar or experts at getting things their lover would appreciate. The best way they can ensure that their spouse gets what they want is to do something that is rare and some men find very risky.

Go to a reliable store or boutique and pay a certain amount. Then, you can ask your spouse to go to such place and ask her to choose anything she wants. If you know you are capable of doing this, you might even ask her to buy anything she wants and do the bank transfer to the boutique’s account.

  1. Do Fun Things Together: the next thing you can do on Valentine’s day is to look for things that would make both of you laugh or have playful arguments together. People love to be around people that make them laugh or crack up. Now, when this person is someone that they are in love with, they tend to always be around such person, especially for the fun things.

Valentine's day in Nigeria

Luckily, there are various things you can do together to have fun; however, since it is a valentine day, it is not too sweet to sit down in the house to play Ludo or Chess or any other game you are both acquainted with. Instead, take them out of the house to play these games if you know a place like that. However, if you are not aware of a place like that. Locate the nearest arcade in your area and take them.

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What if you do not have an arcade near you and you are not capable of sponsoring a long distance travel?  There are other methods of solving this problem. The best thing you can do is to take to see a movie. You would spend less and even have enough to buy popcorns that you can throw at yourself when you have to abuse with those small playful abuses lovers use on one another the cinema or film houses.

Check out romantic games you can play together:

  1. Love Comes with Memories: there are various methods of making someone feel loved. But when you decide to go down the memory lane with them, their love for you can be refreshed. One very good way to do this is to give them a ride to these places you might have been together.

Valentine's day in Nigeria

In case you are not capable of doing that together, you can opt for taking pictures of such times and making it for her. To make her gush, post this pictures on your social media handles. With that you have shown her how much she means to you.

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