Why People Cheats In Relationships (Update)

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It’s now becoming a tradition on different social media platforms for people to publicly call out their cheating partner. I have seen a number of cases where a boy would rant how he did all he could to keep a relationship but couldn’t help but end it because she cheats. I have also read some comments from girls how they can never trust any boy or man because the ones they have trusted in the past betrayed them and cheated. Hence, many ladies now go about saying “men are sc*m”. Well! You know what they mean.

I want us to dissect this issue of cheating in a relationship and critically look into what happens in a relationship where partners cheats.

Most of us didn’t get lucky in our first choice relationship, we loved real hard and was not loved back. I was a victim of a cheating partner and maybe you too were or you are still a victim. As much as I’d like this to be interactive between you (my readers) and I, I have to give my verdict of what I think causes cheating in a relationship. In this session, I want to answer some questions based on my personal opinion, your opinion can be different and I’d welcome a very different opinion from mine (use the comment box). I want us to look into questions like; Why do people cheat? Can a cheating partner ever change? Can a loyal partner change a cheating partner? Is it possible for a relationship where partners cheats to be void of problems?

Treating the questions asked above, starting with the very first question asked.

Why People Cheats In Relationships
Why People Cheats In Relationships

Why do people cheat?
To solve a problem, we must understand the problem. We can not start talking about what happens in relationships where partners cheats and not really understand why partners cheats. In my honest opinion, I think some partners cheats in relationship because they are not getting enough happiness from their partner. Some would cheat because they weren’t in love with their partner from the start and these type of cheating partner is the worst. Do you know other reasons why partners cheats in a relationship? Kindly use the comment box to contribute.

Why People Cheats In Relationships
Why People Cheats In Relationships

Can a cheating partner ever change?/ Can a loyal partner change a cheating partner?
Yes! A cheating partner can definitely change for good. I have heard of a woman whose spouse cheats, she was patient and remained a good wife then someday something happened to the cheating husband (not to digress into another story). He realised he’s been doing it wrong for a long time then, he decided to change for good. The goodness and patient of his wife paid off in the end.
                      Is it possible for a relationship where partners cheats to be void of problems?
No! It is not possible that a relationship where a partner cheats or both partners cheats be void of problems. Arguments will ensue on trivia issues where they both suppose to gently talk, they’ll raise voice and it’s bad. When a partner cheats, the other will never be happy, emotional trauma may set in and even health will be in risk.

A piece from my mind: if you are blessed with a loyal partner or lover, be truth to them, stay loyal with them.

I like it when my readers contribute to my piece. I have written all that is written above solely based on my personal opinion. If you think differently, please comment. I love it.


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