My Ex Girlfriend Calling My Phone

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We have gone past mid-January and things are beginning to take shape. It really looks like this year 2018 is going to be a good one (well, I pray it is). Today, I’d like to share a little of things that’s been going down with me and it’s about my ex girlfriend calling my phone. It’s been a while we’ve been apart from each other.


I’m sharing this so you (readers) can be the judge and give me some good advice. Like I mentioned in the first paragraph above that my ex girlfriend have been calling me recently. Yes! My Ex. I won’t be going into some personal details in this post but I can assure you it will be plain enough just so you get the gist. I’ve been involved in series of dating. While some were meant to be a very serious relationship, others were meant to be ‘just a relationship’.

My Ex Girlfriend Calling My Phone

So about my ex girlfriend calling my phone a lot recently. Just before the ending of the year 2017, on a faithful Friday evening, I got a call from my ex girlfriend named ‘S’ (permit me to represent her name with alphabet for personal reasons). My phone ringtone is in default tone of its brand. Hearing my phone ring, I approached to look who the caller was but it’s a strange number. I picked up and to my hearing is a swift voice of a female saying:

“Hello SAY”.

Immediately I heard that voice, I knew of whose it was. I can tell it’s ‘S’’ voice. Of all my ex girlfriends, hers was a very unique voice so I’d know even when I’m deep asleep. I greeted her and she reciprocated my greetings. She didn’t waste time to ask if I’d be available the next day so we can hookup because she’s missed me a lot.

Miss me a lot? I asked. She replied Yes!

My Ex Girlfriend Calling My Phone

I was happy but not for long before that question of ‘why would she be missing me’ popped up in my mind.

I told her that I’m available even though I wasn’t. I had traveled to a nearby town and was supposed to be back on Saturday afternoon but I fast tracked my coming back to morning.


It’s Saturday morning already. My small baggage is well arranged since last night and I was set to return home so I can make myself available for my date. Looking at my phone ringing, twas ‘S’ calling to confirm our date, if it’s still going to happen.


I had a second thought and I said to her that “I’m sorry we won’t be hooking up today”.

She asked “why”?

My Ex Girlfriend Calling My Phone

I told her I have other things to attend to so I can’t make it again. Now with a  lower voice, she said “okay”. I could feel the disappointment in her voice.


I felt bad at that moment but it was too late to tell her she should get prepared for our hookup as she’s hung the call before I could mince another word.


Although I changed my mind about meeting her but I didn’t change my my mind about traveling that very morning. I went straight to the park and traveled back home.

Ever since I’m back, ‘S’ have been calling me and I’m tired of giving her excuses. Now I dunno what to do. I don’t want to start what has ended a long time ago neither do I want to look like a liar.


I have even been thinking of whether to just meet her and have fun and act like nothing ever happened.


Now please advise me on what to do in the comments section.

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