Long Distance Relationship Fails: 8 Common Reasons

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It is no news that long distance relationship is not easy in contrast to its traditional counterparts. Most folks out there do think that at the start of that romantic journey things will keep getting rosy, but the reality falls on them when they are less groomed, and in the long-haul their long distance relationship fails and leads to a shipwreck.

long distance relationship fails

The good news is that there are a few couples in this romantic part that are not only taking pleasure in the long distance relationship, but are also making it work. For others they are left destabilized, dumbfounded and confused. They wonder why their long distance relationship failed. If you also find yourself in this horizon, now is the time to pick up and peer into the reasons why most long distance relationship fails, and if you are currently in the long distance relationship, it makes more sense to learn from others’ mistakes.

8 Reason Why Most Long Distance Relationship Fails


Although, this article is directed to those who seeks for why their Long distance romance does not work out, yet other who is in another form of romance can pick lessons from here; because truth is, traits that leads to failure of long distance relationship are also found in other form of romance.


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  1. Negative Thinking

Negative thinking can highly lead to the reason why long distance relationship fails. Couples in a long distance relationship can be seen thinking whether things will work out eventually. Thoughts like “will I be able to cope,” “what if someone else’s come his/her way,” “do I have good reasons to wait” and more. When they are immersed in these thoughts and many others, they are digging their graves gradually. And in most cases, “impatient” can be traced to negative thinking. Rather than being filled with negative thoughts, be confident that good things do not elude those who wait.


  1. Lack of True Love

Absence of true love alters long distance relationship. For some partners, they are opportunist. They only stay simply because of what they see to achieve and not because of the true love they have towards their partners. You lack true love when all you think of is the complexity of long distance relationship instead of piling focus on how it can work. Now is the time to cultivate qualities that will build your true love. Do not forget telling your spouse that you truly love them, and make sure that your attitude reveals that truth.

long distance relationship failso

  1. Financial Implications

Reunion dates cost some considerable amount of money, and that is another reason why long distance relationship fails. You will have to travel distances to visit your boyfriend or girlfriend. That is fine, but those travelings will drain your purse. And many people will end up deciding that they can not just keep up with the expenses, before you get to know, things falls apart. It is then vital that couple prepare for this journey and discuss how much fund will be saved for meeting at the planned date.


  1. No Future

Most people in a long distance relationship just do not have plan for the future. Plan about what they set to achieve at the end of the journey. When they will finally settle, where, and many more why questions. This kills the relationship steadily. And then you discover that the energy, time, and money invested on the relationship have nothing to show for it. Instead of waiting for when you will discuss what you hope to accomplish in the near future, do it now; it will not get easier and better than now.


  1. Failure to Apologize

Many couples in a long distance relationship just do not buy the idea of admitting their wrongs. This is far from low self-esteem, but shows a high level of immaturity. Couples in a long distance relationship tends to fight often, and in most cases it has to be about petty issues; something so minute. And when one of the party who is wrong cannot just say sorry and seek peace, breakup comes to live.

long distance relationship fails

  1. Lack of Sacrifice

Many couple who cannot sacrifice whatever they have at their disposal will fail in their long distance relationship. It is very rare that those in the long distance relationship will have no career. Whatever the circumstance, goals must be the same ( must be viewed in the same direction). Inability to sacrifice their comfort zone, time, money, and other things are reason why most long distance relationship fails. Therefore, note that to have a happy ending, someone will make a sacrifice eventually. Who will do the sacrifice? You just have to sit and talk about that.


  1. Poor Communication

Who makes a good friend? One who check up on you once in every six months? Or one who you constantly discuss with? The latter makes more sense. The reality of any relationship even when far or near is having a strong, reliable and effective communication, needless to talk about how important it is for those in the long distance relationship. When couples lack communication, their heart shifts off gradually, and over time, someone else who listens to them will earn their attention and finally their will be a break-up. Invest in quality communication; seeks for ways to improve and enhance it.

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long distance relationship fails

  1. Lack of Confidence

When there is a high level of insecurity, long distance relationship fails. Many couples would not even trust their partners on what they can do and what they would not do. In fact, many feels that they are more secure when they are close. If you have this trait, throw it off now. You just have to believe in yourself, then you have to believe that your loyalty to your partner will pay off in due time if you do not tire it. Lastly, believe that whatever effort you put in just to build confidence in yourself to trust your partner are worth it.



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