10 Hard Truths About Relationship That People Hardly Believe

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10 Hard Truths About Relationship That People Hardly Believe

Hard Truths About Relationship

Are you in a relationship or planning to enter one? Obviously, all humans want relationships that are enjoyable, lasting and filled with fun. In fact, most consider their relationship a perfect one with little or no blemish trying to ignore/dodge hard truths about relationship.

And at times, the big factor called love can cover one’s eye in such a way that one will fail to see the little stain on the relationship.

But yet, there are hard truths about relationship that I will explain to help you avert future problems.

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In this article, I will be exploring 10 of these hard truths about relationship that influence the direction of the relationship and you would see if they are serious or not.

You would also be able to see how one can minimally avoid those things that cause them. And at the end, you’ll be able to understand how best to handle your relationship.


  • You and your partner may always not be compatible

This is one of the leading hard truths about relationship that most rarely believe. A truth most fails to understand, you and your partner may not be compatible.

Hard Truths About Relationship

In fact, you might need to give a good fight for the relationship to last long. The cause of this is obvious, you were brought up under different circumstances, you received different quality of training from home and as such your way of thoughts differs.

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But understanding this fact at the early stage of the relationship will help you in setting realistic goals about your relationship which will help you deal with problems related to this at the start.


  • The difference in values pose a threat

One other big threat to the relationship is the difference in value between you and your mate.

What interests you don’t interest him and vice versa, and in most situations, each person tends to draw close to those who share their values, leading to serious straining of their present relationship.

Identifying their value at the early stage will help each one adapt better even in situations where they share different values.

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  • Poor timing, a factor that influences breakup

All breakups don’t happen because each member fails to resolve their problems, neither does it happen because they are tired of the relationship.

Most times, poor timing can lead to break up even if both love each other deeply.

A popular scenario, “after having a hectic day, Stephen got on the phone to contact Mary just to check on her, his choice of words was influenced by the hectic day he had undergone, Mary seems not to understand why he was so angry and an argument ensued.”

At most times, issues like poor timing will lead to many problems, so it’s better to drop the call or quit the conversation at that moment.


If you both share the same account, or own properties together you are probably not going to see a breakup as an option to your problem.

You both will be concerned more about making things work other than finding your ways out of the relationship. This will also help you build trust in the other person.


  • Forget the term ” the right one”

If you’re searching for the right one, do have a nice journey exploring the nook and cranny of the world.

One principle says “a machine cannot be 100% efficient “neither can you find a person that ticks all marks.

You’ll need to fight to make things work, and fight for the relationship to survive, only then could you say you have the right one.

Remember the yardstick for measuring the right one might change with each passing day.


  • Unrealistic goals will kill the relationship

Some set goals in a relationship like they are the only person in it.

You have your pace, your partner has his or her own pace, most times you’re moving at different pace.

What seems important today to you might seem less important to the other person.

Your goal about the relationship may be the last thing he’s or she’s thinking about. It’s better to set goals together after discussing what both parties want.


  • Jealously good or bad? It has a limit

You believe being jealous is bad, maybe you’ll soon see someone else stealing what you treasure, on the other hand, you can be so jealous that you will make the other person feel uncomfortable with the relationship.

Most believe their partner not being jealous is tantamount to not loving them completely, so strike a balance, be jealous reasonably and question your partner when jealous.

That might just be the key to your lasting relationship.


  • You can’t have a perfect relationship

Maybe you’re not just ready to admit and identify the problems faced in your relationship, or you’re both acting in the same movie, your relationship cannot be perfect.

Hard Truths About Relationship

And this is also a hard truth about relationship most would rarely believe. None has ever been, everyone fights to keep their relationship and no one will give the bad experience, it’s the untold story of the so-called perfect relationship.

We all have flaws, we just need to beat the flaws or help our partner deal with it.


  • Education is also a threat

Some might probably think education has little effect on their marriage, this is far from the truth.

In fact the higher the difference in education, the higher the chance of having problems in the relationship.

Your scope of reasoning might have been sharpened by the education received, your communication skills, problem-solving skills will be different.

And when you work on different tempo based on your level of education, there is bound to be problems.


  • Sex won’t improve your relationship

One of the most argued facts of all, hence it becomes one of the hard truths about relationship that most wouldn’t believe.

Many believe having sexual intercourse will help improve the strength of the relationship.

This is false. In fact, most tend to hate their partner after the first night of sharing a bed, or after doing the couples thing.

Most feel their mission is accomplished and that their partner cannot satisfy them.

It is important to set limits for starters in a relationship, and remember trusting each other will increase your love not having sex.



You will definitely have a good relationship if you take note of all these hard truths about relationship highlighted.

Believe me, each one counts and the quicker you admit and work on them the easier it will become to solve your relationship problems.


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