Basic Long Term Relationship Goals You Should Know

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Social media platforms are fast becoming a place, where especially young people come to flaunt and display their lifestyle. Out of many things we use social media for today, many youths use it to flaunt their possessions. If you are conversant with the popular social media like Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, etc. You would have come across one or two users showing pictures of their partners in a very romantic way. They tag the photos with many sweet and romantic words. Signifying they are happy couple and they want to show their follower-ship the couple goals they have. These loads of beautiful pictures tagged ‘couple goals, relationship goals, etc.’ are not always as they seem. Some of this partners are in fact not going to last together. They will not last forever because they lack the basic long term relationship goals that’s needed to remain in a relationship for long.


As the popular saying goes: ‘Not all that glitters are gold’ and that is correct in this context of discussion. If you surf the internet very well, especially the social media. You will come across so many relationship advice which in which if you follow most, it will be disastrous. Many of these advice are even contradictory in nature of carefully looked into. You must be careful which advice you are to follow. Ultimately, you must be bold enough to follow your mind and your instincts. If you want to remain happy with your partner for a long time. I will share some basic long term relationship goals here which if you carefully follow, will be good for you.


Do Follow The Trend; rather follow your mind and instincts. As I mentioned above that one have know what he or she really wants in a relationship. By knowing what you want in a relationship, you will be guided through any advise given to you if any is needed.

Basic Long Term Relationship Goals You Should Know

Truly, those couple goals, relationship goals, marriage goals, dating goals we see on the internet are sweet and captivating but, we have to be careful so we don’t wish for what we can not afford.


Know yourself and know your partner; Long time ago, a Greek philosopher said you should know yourself. Only by knowing yourself can you really know others. If you must understand others, you have to understand yourself first. To remain in relationship with whom you so much love and adore, you must know what your partner wants and what your partner don’t want. Then, do not do what your partner do not want except you don’t option.


Know Thyself ~ Socrates


Basically, all I’m saying here is that you must understand your partner and be ready to go through thick and thin with him/her. Understanding matters in relationship. (Read: 4 reasons your relationship is not working).


Love is not enough; Maybe you have been heard or read the phrase “love is not/never enough”  before now and you are wondering what it means, be calm, I will take you through the meaning in concise words.

It’s not new that when two people first start the game of love, it all look so flawless but this doesn’t go on like that for very long. It gets to a point where all that was so romantic will look less endearing. If love was enough. The feelings we have when we start to love will remain forever but it doesn’t. When two different people agree on love, they should always remind themselves that they are different people from different background. If you want to enjoy the basic long term relationship goals, you must understand that you will sometimes have to bend on your policies to accommodate your partner’s policies even when you don’t like to. The fact that someone loves you doesn’t mean that person won’t offend you, and it doesn’t mean since you’ve loved someone, you can not offend them. When this happens, it will be easy for you to forgive and move on because you know love is not enough to remain in a relationship.

Basic Long Term Relationship Goals You Should Know

It’s not news that many marriages are failing on daily basis because most couples don’t understand that love can never be enough. Partners don’t want to bend their rules for one another hence, they breakup or divorce. According to INSIDER MONKEY, the divorce rate in the world now is so alarming that 61% of couples in Belgium end up divorcing. In Italy, it’s 44% divorce rate.  Kuwait holds the record for the highest divorce rate in Asia which is 42%. It’s scary really. If love was ever enough, these failed marriages would probably still be.


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