5 Ways to make your relationship work again (Updated)

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5 Ways to make your relationship work again

Building a relationship goes beyond falling in love, it’s a function of so many important things that we most often pay less attention to. In the previous post, some major problems we are faced with in building a healthy relationship were discussed. Here, I will be revealing 5 ways to make your relationship work again which are the solutions to those problems discussed in the previous post.

Everyone wants a happy, lively, rosy and unending love. However, most relationships practically become obsolete, not because true love doesn’t exist but because there’s more to keeping a relationship than just being romantic, do not get me wrong on this, I’m not against romance (in fact I love romance).

There are no laid down rules when it comes to keeping relationships but I am sure going through and practising the ones below will help you keep your relationship on the right track. Here are 5 ways to make your relationship work again.

understanding your partner
5 Ways to make your relationship work again
  1. Understanding:- I bet you’re not seeing or reading about how important it is to understand your partner’s situations in a relationship but it can never be overemphasized and I am probably going to deal with this topic from a different perspective from the common ones you know. Many focused all their energies on understanding their partner alone, understanding also means that you know yourself, you know what needed to be done when you and your partner are faced with issues and creating a balance in order to come to an agreement. You have to be able to identify your partner’s strengths and weaknesses as a human and then integrate your strengths with your partner’s weaknesses to achieve a positive result. It is important you do not expect your partner to be as understanding as you are. In fact, it is okay for you to sacrifice for the sake of love. You can only but earn the respect of your partner once you understand him/her.

    do not lie to pretend
    5 Ways to make your relationship work again
  2. Pretence:- Relationships are not as we see it on tele. Some would say: “you will earn the attention of your partner if you pretend that you are not so much into him/her” but that’s not always true. In fact, human being naturally pay attention to who’s giving them attention eventually. On the other hand, some pretend to be in love with whom they are not (game players). It is quite interesting at the initial stage of pretending to be who you are not, but what happens when nemesis catches up with you and your fake adventure? As the popular saying goes; ‘what goes around comes around’. You can not pretend forever. Whether you are pretending to love or not to love, the moment your partner finds out about you, he/she will not trust you anymore which is not good for any relationship. Lack of trust emanates emotional trauma. To get your relationship the vitality it needs to be healthy, stop being that your favorite Bollywood playboy actor and be yourself.

    be honest
    5 Ways to make your relationship work again
  3. Sincerity:- People go around trying to justify lies by calling it all sort of names like white lies, necessary lies and some even use bigger grammar saying they are just being diplomatic. There’s no situation that warrant you to lie to you lover no matter what. The problem with insincerity is that you will have to use more lies to cover the previous lies and then the whole thing become complicated when your partner finds out the truth which they’ll eventually find out no matter how long. In whatever you do in life, be sincere.

    communicate with your partner
    5 Ways to make your relationship work again
  4. Communication:- Communication like information, is power. When partners relate and discuss, their troubled minds meets peace. It’s only possible to keep a distance relationship when partners talk often through a medium or media. As much as I do not associate myself with jobless people (not talking about unemployed person seeking employment), I know you probably do not want jobless persons to relate with you too, but, when we let our dreams and ambition get the best of us and we couldn’t even speak to our partners or families what’s going down with us, it creates a vacuum in relationships and it’s sure bad for a healthy relationship. No matter how busy we get, we must leave time to speak and communicate with our loved ones. It is often said that ‘no man is too busy, it’s only a matter of priority’ and I believe that’s true. Dialogue is a powerful tool in resolving conflict, I remember sometime in my university days, two friends of mine was vying for the same student leadership position, they kept malice for sometimes, we (friends) tried to settle it for them but all efforts to settle the dispute went in vain, then one day, I called the two parties to my room and I said something very powerful that I didn’t even know how powerful it was. It was only four words statement, I said: “you guys should talk” and then I left them alone, they talked for about an hour, and every issues was resolved. What they resolved at is not the purpose of this post, LOL. TALK with your partner no matter what and you will realize that things that seem unresolvable are actually not that complicated.

    5 Ways to make your relationship work again
    5 Ways to make your relationship work again
  5. Reminiscing Wonderful Moments:- Naturally, new lovers will spend much time and share wonderful moments together as they begin to ply the path of love, things certainly can’t remain the same and we must agree with nature on that to be at peace. But what happens when things change and we get busy that we don’t have much time to go on weekly romantic outings as we used to? What can we do with the short period of time we have to make up for those moments? Well, it’s simple, ‘reminisce lovely moments’ you both had in the past and set a future date for a better romantic moment. Memories, both the ones we love to remember and those we hate to remember are really powerful, but we must choose to remember those we love together with our loved ones. In a bid to reminisce beautiful moments you had with you partner, you can take out your photo album, look through or you can just reach for your wardrobe and wear the same dress you wore on the date. There are a lot you can do, just do what you have to do and you’ll be happy in the end

Finally, If you’ve gone through all this post and follow the advice very well, your relationship can work again. I can not say for sure that there’s always a remedy to a failing relationship as it is a personal thing but, I have a bad (maybe good) advice for you; where your efforts to get your relationship back on the right track proves futile, it’s always good to walk away.


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