5 Communication Mistakes Couples Make (For Everyone)

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It is clearly evident that the bedrock to couples’ healthy relationship is when high priority and value is placed on honest, and transparent communication. Hence good communication is considered a feat by many couples today. There are series of communication mistakes couples make that needs to be addressed. Hence, this mistakes mar the journey to successful communication rather than enhancing it. Couples who crave for a smooth communication seeks for ways to improve and get better over time.

5 Communication Mistakes Couples Make

In a relationship, lack of smooth communication leads many girlfriend and boyfriend into deep mess, in fact, it has high potential of bringing about a split. Whereas there are activities to strengthen communications. If you are just new in a relationship, you might just have learned from your parents, culture and friends while you were young, a clear indication that you partner may just have the same lesson. But a mistake that can certainly creep in is thinking that everyone was brought up the way you were.

You should be realistic! If you strongly feel that your partners way of communicating should be the same with yours, then you might just have trouble understanding themselves. Therefore, it is good to bear this point in mind and let it be your walking guide.

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There are certain communication mistakes couples make that both new and old couples should never find themselves in if they are seeking and demanding for a healthy communication.

5 Communication Mistakes Couples Make And Ways To Improve


This section will inform you about signs of bad communication and if you are a man with a trouble communication with your girlfriend or a girlfriend with the same problem, look at this top five communication mistakes that couples make.

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5 Communication Mistakes Couples Make

  1. Lecturing: This is one major mistake many boyfriend or married couples tend to make. They are synonymous to talking to their girlfriend like she is a baby, thus talking in a condescending manner. That is no brainier! While it is vital that you need to be honest with your partner, you should never talk them down. Avoid phrases like: “you always say that,” “you will never learn,” “you are too stiff neck,” and so on.

Therefore, learn to always talk in a way that depicts respect and a way that shows that you identify they are grown-ups like you are. Replace the above phrases with something like: “we have been trying to…,” “it seem we still haven’t…,” and “don’t you think we will…..” These phrases reveal dignity and respect.

  1. Mind Reading: There is this common mistake couples make when they see a change in their partner’s countenance. They will say “I know how you feel.” This is wrong; we don’t have the ability to read minds. This has pushed many to think that without words, they will be understood.

5 Communication Mistakes Couples Make

Although it is expected that couples have the ability to discern. Yet, it is a mistake to think your feeling, emotional pains, and what you want are known by your spouse. In fact one of the ability humans are incapacitated of is reading minds. Reason we have the ability to speak and talk. Therefore it is polite and reasonable to ‘sit-talk’ when you feel the need, do not sunk yourself with the thought that your boyfriend or girlfriend will understand. They will never do, unless you speak.

  1. Being Opinionated: It is very vital that you have upfront, honest and key to better communications. Additionally, being a good listener to understand things from your spouses’ point of view is golden. Unfortunately, couples forget to do this. There is a feeling of “my opinion must always count.” This communication mistakes couples make can be fixed, but how? There are some skills to imbibe to teach you how to fix lack of understanding your spouses’ opinion.

Empathy is an invaluable skill to cultivate here in a more professional way. Does that mean you will always conform with your spouses’ wish? Not necessarily, you should only strife to maintain the same relationship page with your spouse.

  1. Giving In Always: In a bit to create a room for peace many couples especially found common among ladies tend to give in rather speaking out. This process will only create an avenue to harbor resentment and kills the goal of smooth communication. If you are accustomed to this habit, what can help? Learn to speak out politely and not rudely, certainly you may be listened to the more and perhaps your opinions, thoughts will be welcomed and appreciated.

Understand that if you always crave for the short term peace by giving in, your relationship will not be a healthy one, and in the long run, your happiness will dwindle over time. Relationship is never a one-way traffic, it is two, so arguments will sure find their way, when they come learn to speak out politely and decently.

  1. Too Much Talk: That good communication means the foundation to a happier relationship, does that mean that to stay happy, that is only what is required? Talking too much will certainly affects your happy relationship.

5 Communication Mistakes Couples Make

Before you jump into any discussion, think about certain connection that will move the other partner into the scene more conveniently rather to being pushy. Understanding the value of communication will help you understand your partner’s style. This part is more of study, evaluate if my girlfriend or boyfriend is in the right condition to join in this conversation? When will be the best time to discuss this? These questions are noteworthy.



The five communication mistakes couples makes that has been highlighted above has wrecked many new and old relationships. Therefore, it is up to you to follow practical suggestion and solutions to straighten your communication and ensure that  your communication style is worthy of emulation, and as you perfect your communication skills all other skills vital in a relationship will fall in.


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