5 Benefits of early marriage (Updated)

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On several occasions, I have surfed the web in search of the platform that talks about the benefit of early marriage. Through all my search I found one common concept of “taking your time” before you consider marriage from writers. Yes, I agree, but where they want you to get married when you are supposed to be thinking of giving your all to the children is where I had to step in.


Before my generations, it was the generation of those know the numerous benefit of early marriage and then, made it a norm but today, we dramatically forget the benefit of early marriage and choose to imbibe the tradition of staying a little longer. For how long? Maybe wait until the early thirties?  In this part, I like to change your orientation and lure you into accepting to get married early enough.

benefits of early marriage
benefits of early marriage

Yes, its makes sense to wait till you are well settled before you get married but, there are numerous reason why early marriage is not a bad idea. You can’t wait till you have everything as you will agree with me that there is no such thing as a man who has it all.

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You don’t want to get married not because it is not the right time but because you believe when people say marriage is not an easy thing, it involved; government, trust, love, and definitely not something you want to jump into.

  1. In early marriage, you enjoy a youthful relationship with your partner. Like it or not, it is an early marriage advantage. The mid 20s to late 30s is the period which one is most active and a period to get the most exciting, pleasant and pleasurable things done with your partner. It gives you an assurance of your relationship blooming blissfully and youthful for a long time.
  2. I bet you still want to be in shape after having all the kids you planned to have. When you marry early and make kids early enough you have plenty of time to enjoy life again with your partner. The rest of your days are spent like you just met your wife because you both still look fresh and young. You also want to give your children the kind of childhood they cherish. Like racing with them, playing football in the compound and also get involved in their school activities from time to time. All these require energy and strength which you still have when you are young. Trust me, marriage is sweeter when couples are still young.
  3. Young and active energy to provide for the family- building a career, providing for the family, and looking after the entire household is generally not an easy task. When you start tour family early, you are able to schedule your plans and events well so that one doesn’t affect their and when time comes for you to get-off that hectic work, you can retire home to grown kids whom you have to bother less about as you don’t want to get old and still struggle to care for a 7-year-old child with pension funds. I am sure you don’t want to go through that stress.
  4. Your body is better equipped to making healthier babies at a young age. Getting married is a part of life and every couple is entitled to enjoy a sexual relationship. When you get married early enough, you will enjoy this for a long time including the benefit of having healthy babies.
  5. Sharp minds to reason for a long time. Older couples reason too but the advantage here is that your mind and brain cells are still very young, active and can be used more effectively.
benefits of early marriage
benefits of early marriage

Nevertheless, you might like to achieve some other things too before marriage like attaining more qualifications. If marriage would be a setback to achieving that goal, having a girlfriend should be too. If being in a relationship does not kill your ambition of achieving your plans, then there is no way marriage would. To set the record straight, the cost of caring for a girlfriend is far expensive than maintaining a wife as you beg your girlfriend to take what you have where you cannot fully meet their demands even when marrying them is not certain, they lose nothing if they end up jilting you. But hey! A wife will gladly take whatever you have without having to be told to manage and still appreciate it than a girlfriend.


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Your wife is on a permanent seat in your house and won’t want to make herself a burden/liability to you in any way. If you are still alive combining a relationship with study or work, then you can survive in marriage.


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