4 Reasons Your Relationship Is Not Working (Updated)

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4 Reasons your relationship is not working

When love is in the air, it makes lovers want to break rules. They want to go extra mile for one another but what happens when love abruptly disappear into the thin air? In this post, I’ll show you reasons your relationship is not working.

It is usually heartbroken to realize that a relationship you’ve spent much time to build is going to collapse and end without you being able to save it.

When this happens, it leaves the victims in emotional trauma. The reasons your relationship is not working will be revealed.

Many people who have experienced loss of enthusiasm in their relationships usually ask these questions; God why? Why me oh Lord? Why is this happening to me/us?

They ask the questions of ‘why’. In this post, you will know the reasons why that once rosy and loving relationship (of yours) is no longer working.

4 Reasons your relationship is not working
4 Reasons your relationship is not working

Diminishing Feelings:- It’s high time we came to agreement that people change so does feelings, after all change is constant (popular saying).

The number one element of love is feelings. Where this element reduces or never present in a relationship, you’ll agree with me that such relationship will not develop but rather come to an end.

Learn To Speak Your Mind In Your Relationship

Some lovebirds have the ability to be patient and will always work to get things to workout when they perceive this but wouldn’t get it done because trying to wake a dead feeling is as good as feeling a basket with water.

4 Reasons your relationship is not working
4 Reasons your relationship is not working

Trust:- Just like feelings, trust is also a very important element of love, many would agree with me that it is the most important aspect of love.

I am certain that whether you see trust as the most important element/aspect of love or not, you’ll agree with me that where you no longer see the integrity and honesty your partner used to possess, it poses a big threat to your relationship.

Learn To Speak Your Mind In Your Relationship

When mind lost trust in a person, definitely, the urge to honor such person will no longer exist and for most people with trust issues in relationships, they can never talk it out again as the choice will be to walk away.

4 Reasons your relationship is not working
4 Reasons your relationship is not working


Happiness:- Often time, people fall in love even when they are not sure of what direction it will go but they do so all because they are happy being in love.

When the happiness is lost or the relationship stops giving them the joy they so much crave for, the relationship comes to a sad ending.

Relationship experts often advice people that where their relationships stops giving them the happiness they want and it doesn’t seem like it will work fine, the relationship should come to a mutual end.

A derivative of the fact that everyone deserves to live happily and when you’re not getting that, there’s no need stay.

Faithfulness:- In recent times, the most common reason why relationships comes to an end is because a partner cheats.

It is people with multiple partners that most often experience diminishing feelings because they are stucked between numbers of partners and will become indecisive.

As it is in the law of nature that one can not do things at the same time and do them effectively (Hollywood and Bollywood exempted).

Like other people too, those with trust issues would not be able to stand the regular “I’m sorry, it will not happen again” anthem, they would rather use the exit door.

It’s important to know that relationships can become interesting again when partners fight for the same course of making the relationship the best it can be and learn to maintain it.

Learn To Speak Your Mind In Your Relationship

I know you will have questions rolling in your mind that my post refuse to proffer solutions to the mentioned relationship problems, keep up with this blog as my next post will tackle those questions diligently.

If you know other relationship issues other than the mentioned ones, feel free to use the comment box. Let’s share our experiences and learn together.


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