100+ Cute Things to Say to Your Girlfriend

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100+ Cute Things to Say to Your Girlfriend

cute things to say to your girlfriend

selecting and sending from a list of “100+ cute things to say to your girlfriend” might be a daunting task especially if you are not romantic. But it is healthy never to think that it is a waste of time sending cute things to say to your girlfriend. If you do, believe me, your girlfriend will certainly walk away someday. Even if she does not walk away, they might be partly staying maybe as a result of the gift they do get from you, and the other part of them is lying in the hands of another guy behind the scene flooding them with cute things that they find awesome.

Women by nature admire being complimented and if you are romantic, you are definitely in the driver seat. They expect your actions to be driven alongside expressing them in words. A romantic relationship must not be devoid of verbal expression of feelings.

Have you ever being challenged of not being romantic by your girlfriend? That is a sign that you are crashing anytime soon. But man up, that isn’t the end. You’ve got the right tool to mend that torn cloth and be the man she always dream to have. I understand that you may lack the words and even saying the common clique “I love you” seems like a burden. Whatever the case maybe, I got you 100+ cute things to say to your girlfriend.

The list of cute things to say to your girlfriend aren’t ambiguous, they are simple and modern. The list are filed with words that will make your girlfriend blush, shed tears of joy and happiness, and to dash her a romantic smile to the point that they get no satisfaction from someone else than you. Shall we ride on? Okay, Let’s proceed.

Beautiful List of Cute Things to Tell Your Girlfriend

  1. I am willing to hold on to you forever and never will I welcome the thought of letting go.
  2. If I am asked to speak of the best decision I have ever made in life, it is the the decision of choosing you.
  3. You have a magical kiss, something I love to keep having till eternity.
  4. Your beauty is no match to a garden full of beautiful roses
  5. Your smile is just like a music to my heart; something pleasant to the ear
  6. You perfected the saying that patience is virtue.
  7. I would not get bored cuddling with you all day long.
  8. With you I know I can achieve the rest of my dream- You being the mother of my child
  9. We will always be the best version of love.
  10. It is official! I can’t stop thinking about you.
  11. Telling you I love you each passing day is a plan I must fulfill till the end.
  12. I would have made the greatest mistake of my life if I fell in love with someone else.
  13. I never believed in luck until I found you.
  14. You are the answer to the request that I want cute babies.
  15. It is better to be dead while you are alive than being alive and watch you die.
  16. I know you will never have a reason to frown because I am the reason for your
  17. I am extremely happy because I was led to you.
  18. Thinking about you aren’t a lost task, its life.
  19. You are the perfect mum, yes you are.
  20. Even without expensive gifts you still find me That’s amazing!
  21. Your love, modesty, brilliance has never stopped amazing me.
  22. Each time I go to bed, I am always dreaming about you.
  23. I feel fulfilled having to spend the whole day with you.
  24. Come rain come shine you will always be the girl I love.
  25. I began a new life the moment you walked in
  26. The very first smile of yours melted my heart, and you’ve never stopped.
  27. I wish we have known each other long before now.
  28. I am glad you waited for me all this while.
  29. I will never let you go.
  30. You are the only girl I will always cherish.
  31. You made my dream come true.
  32. I am not interested to change anything about you, you are just so perfect.
  33. You are always home. Thanks For coming.
  34. You are my precious jewel
  35. The support you gave me today was remarkable. I would have been lost if not for you.
  36. I miss you each time I breathe.
  37. The combination of me and you means happiness
  38. The day my dad said you will be successful, I was not too patience to think he meant finding you is being successful.
  39. I dislike saying I like you. I love you with my whole heart
  40. You are staying too long, I am terribly missing you.
  41. Never will I derive pleasure in hurting you
  42. I am committed to keep holding on to you and ensuring you are safe.
  43. You have always helped me see the better part of me.
  44. I have heavenly feelings each time you are around me.
  45. I wish I can explain how fortunate I am to have you
  46. I am extremely happy because I was led to you.
  47. Never will I decide stepping away from you.
  48. Even in our darkest moment I am never ready to trade you with someone else.
  49. I always hate the good bye moments. I wish they never existed
  50. I am willing and ready to flaunt you to the whole world.cute things to say to your girlfriend
  51. I will keep loving you unconditional forever and ever.
  52. You are such a cute pie I wont eat but always handle with care.
  53. I wish my eyes aren’t falling me because you are the angel right in front of me.
  54. Life will be futile if I never found you.
  55. I have always love dreaming because you never cease coming.
  56. You will never beg to be loved because I always earn your respect.
  57. I can’t wait to have us married.
  58. I will soon be home, I miss you dearly.
  59. You have always been a blessing to me
  60. You will always be the first and the last girl of my life.
  61. The love I have for you is endless
  62. You made me believe we have human-angel and you are such a super human-angel
  63. Right from birth I got many gift, but you are still incomparable.
  64. I have an unconditional love for you.
  65. Its been long we met, yet it seems like yesterday.
  66. Please promise me you will always be mine.
  67. There is no going back, I am growing old with you.
  68. Each day would have been a mess without you.
  69. Each time I set my eyes on you, I often fall in love over and over again.
  70. No doubt, I am holding onto you forever.
  71. The day you walked into my life was the best day of my life.
  72. You are the best girl any man could ever die to have.
  73. I can and will keep smiling into your beautiful eyes forever.
  74. Each passing day, our bond of love keeps growing stronger
  75. My only reason for being alive is you.
  76. I am capable of doing just anything with you by my side

100+ Cute Things to Say to Your Girlfriend

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  1. A single hand is enough to conquer the world as long as you cling to the other one.
  2. I am always at awe each time you understand my thought even before I voice them out.
  3. I have a perfect life because I chose to have you.
  4. You have my heart in your custody, please keep it safe.
  5. There is nothing I have that it is not yours
  6. I will fail miserably if I think of living without you.
  7. When others complain about life, I am always grateful you came in at the right time because i do not see it the way they do. I see a beautiful life because of you.
  8. I am eagerly waiting for you, please do not be too long.
  9. Every moment with you stays beautiful
  10. When I smile all alone, people think I am nut not knowing that I am thinking about you.
  11. I am glad i never chose to be single.
  12. All rights reserved! You are mine.
  13. You are the fragile heart I often sing of.
  14. You made my believe in a one flesh a genuine
  15. Much kisses and hugs! Do enjoy a dream-filled night
  16. Every time we spend together is a time well spent.
  17. Time must be silly! It always speed up whenever I am with you.
  18. Darling, I have been thinking about you.
  19. I can go any length just to retain your smile.
  20. I will be totally off track without you
  21. I believe life can be sweet and you brought that into realism.
  22. It still amazes me to have found you.
  23. I wish I can keep seeing you everyday. Let us walk to the pulpit
  24. The day you have been waiting for is here. We are getting married.cute things to say to your girlfriend
  25. Life would have cheated me if I didn’t find you.
  26. Thanks for being my own.


I know you can’t wait to start taking from the list of “100+ cute things to say to your girlfriend”. Yes, I am glad you found them helpful. If your relationship is lacking the romantic verbal expression of love. These list of cute things to say to your girlfriend are powerful enough to gear it up. Watch how well you will arouse her emotional feeling, she will feel loved and appreciated. Always make it your goal to be romantic.


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